Variety Of Tow Trucks And Their Utility

30 May 2023
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Towing companies provide an essential service on the road. You might have never had to use a tow, but you may have seen them help others. There are a variety of tow trucks, with each satisfying a particular need. Here are the various tow trucks you can pick from, whether for transport, in case of accidents, or other predicaments on the road.

Hook and Chain Tow Truck

This tow truck was useful some years ago. This truck is no longer a reliable option because of the pressure on the towing vehicles and the damage to the towed cars. This truck can, however, be used to pull damaged vehicles off the roads.

Although the hook and chain truck isn't widely used for vehicles, it has other purposes. For instance, the transportation of cargo is one alternative use of this truck. This truck is also helpful for rescue in cases of road accidents where the colliding vehicles have been so damaged or have fallen off the road.

Flatbed Truck

As the name suggests, vehicles are dragged to this truck so that all four wheels rest on the surface. A flatbed is used for on-road assistance in cases of fuel drainage, flat tire, or accidents. Flatbed trucks are also used in the transportation of vintage vehicles for display.

Flatbed trucks are useful for transporting raw materials to industries or factories. Sugarcane, felled trees, and wood are examples of some materials that flatbeds can ferry. Industry cables, wires, and heavy agricultural equipment are also transported better on a flatbed truck.

Integrated Tow Truck

As the name suggests, this tow truck has an improved capacity to handle much more. The tow has more axles, a feature that adds to its strength. At the center of the truck, an arm is well placed to handle the lifting of serious weight.

The enhanced capacity of an integrated truck allows it to handle the transportation of huge buses and lorries. The arm on this truck can also help retrieve crushed heavy-duty vehicles. Apart from vehicles, an integrated truck can transport motorhomes and large sailboats.

In Closing

Other types of tow trucks, like rotators and wheel lifts, are also used on the roads. The choice of the truck must correspond to the purpose, meaning one-fit-all trucks may not work well. In the case of heavy-duty transport, it is better to use flatbeds. Towing vehicles from ditches requires an integrated truck. Identify your particular need and seek the advice of a professional for the appropriate tow truck.

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