Benefits Of Flatbed Towing Services

25 May 2022
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If you are stranded on the road after an accident or have car trouble, a flatbed towing service may be your best option. A flatbed tow truck can be distinguished from standard tow trucks because of its large flatbed, which can slide out and tilt towards the ground. Here are some reasons you should opt for flatbed towing services instead of traditional towing vehicles.


Flatbed tow trucks offer great versatility. They can tow any vehicle, whether it's an SUV, semi-truck, sedan, or hatchback. Also, flatbed towing is mostly recommended for low cars. It's not easy to load on a tow truck's deck. In many cases, putting low vehicles on towing dollies will damage the car's body and suspension. A flatbed tow truck is best suited for low-profile cars.


Another benefit of flatbed towing services is safety. A flatbed tow truck is capable of lifting the vehicle from the ground. This means the tires of your car will be off the ground.

As a result, you don't have to worry about damage to the axles or tires when transporting your car. Furthermore, the rear bumper of your car is unlikely to be damaged by other vehicles while in transit. When towing expensive or vintage cars, it is safer to use a flatbed tow truck because there is less chance of damage to the vehicles.


When towing cars over long distances, you should opt for a flatbed tow truck. This is because you will not have to drag the vehicle on the road over a long distance. Therefore, you will avoid damage to the tires and other parts of your car.

Additionally, a flatbed tow truck is mostly used for misshapen vehicles. Many tow trucks cannot securely attach misshapen vehicles. However, with the flatbed tow truck, the misshapen vehicle will be put on top of the flatbed.

Flatbed tow trucks often take less time when compared to many types of tow trucks. For example, when a dolly is used for towing, the driver has to remove the vehicle's driveshaft to prevent damage to the transmission. This is an extra step before your car is transported. With the flatbed truck, the car only needs to be driven up the flatbed's ramp, and it is ready for transportation.

In Closing

If you are involved in an accident or have car troubles, you should call the appropriate tow truck service. When choosing a flatbed towing service, compare quotes and choose a local service to address your problem immediately.