Transporting A Large Forklift From One Warehouse To Another

30 March 2022
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Relocating various pieces of large equipment between warehouse facilities can be difficult when there is a decent size distance between the warehouses. In many places, it's illegal to drive a 40-ton forklift on roads and highways. But, even if it is legal to drive one, it's not always feasible and easy to accomplish due to the speed limitations of large forklifts. Fortunately, there are towing and transporting companies available—like Jensen Towing—that can relocate large forklifts and other heavy-duty vehicles. Here's what you need to know when scheduling a pick-up of a large forklift or other heavy-duty material handling equipment to transport it to another warehouse facility. 

Specifications of the Vehicles

Before placing your call to heavy-duty vehicle towing and transporting companies, locate the documentation the facility has on file for the forklift you want to be taken to the other warehouse. In the documentation, you need the specifications so you can tell the towing and transporting company the exact dimensions and weight of the forklift you want to have relocated. They will need that information in order to use the proper vehicle and equipment to safely transport the forklift.

They will also use this information to determine the best route possible to take the forklift to the other warehouse, particularly if there are weight and height limitations along the main route that would preclude them from safely and legally traveling on, through, or under bridges and overpasses along the route. 

Special Instructions 

When the forklift is picked up by the transportation company, a forklift operator may need to be on hand to help prepare the forklift for transport, such as to disconnect the fuel tank and battery terminal. You'll also need to know where exactly on your property the transporting company will need to go to pick up the forklift. If your warehouse facility is a large, gated complex, be sure to give the security personnel guidance on where to direct the truck when it arrives. Ideally, the forklift should be located in an empty portion of the parking lot so the transport company vehicle doesn't have to maneuver around the vehicles of employees. Alternatively, schedule the pickup of the forklift before or after business hours or on the weekend, which may be preferred if your warehouse isn't in operation 24/7. However, keep in mind that the transportation costs may be higher when using the service outside of normal business hours.