How Is Towing Different From Roadside Assistance?

21 January 2022
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A vehicle is a convenient form of transport that enables you to drive anywhere at any time. However, accidents can happen, and cars can break down at the most inconvenient hours. Therefore, it is essential to understand your available options for help when stranded with your vehicle. 

The two main options among vehicle owners are roadside assistance and towing. While most people consider these two services similar, they are different and used under different circumstances. Read on to understand these two services better and when to seek each.

Towing Services

Towing a service offered when an automobile breaks down or gets into an accident and can no longer start. The primary purpose of towing is to help move your car from its current location to another using a tow truck.

Towing is preferred when the driver is either not allowed to drive the car themselves or unable to. For example, you may need towing services when you get arrested and can't drive. You can also use towing services after recently purchasing a new vehicle as you work on registering it.

You should call in a towing service after getting into an accident that extensively damages your car. It is also important to call in a tow truck when your vehicle starts and runs, but you are concerned about its optimal performance. For example, when you realize there is smoke coming from the engine or loud, unusual noises.

Sometimes, driving could push the car to its limit even when the problem seems minor and doesn't cause it to break down. Driving could worsen the problem, increasing repair costs.

Roadside Assistance

It is common for inconveniences to happen as you drive. When minor challenges crop up that can be easily fixed, roadside assistance could help. The main aim of roadside assistance services is to offer repair and easy fixes to help you resume your journey. For example, when your battery dies midway, calling in road assistance is a more convenient option.

These services are more of a rescue to resolve a car problem. Roadside assistance companies have a team of mechanics who will be dispatched to your location, inspect your vehicle, identify the problem and help fix it. Depending on the service provider, roadside assistance can include different packages. They can offer battery service, extraction, lockout, flat tire, and fuel delivery, among others. 

Now that you better understand the two services, you can make an informed decision on who to call. For your towing needs, reach out to a tow truck company.