How To Prepare To Be Towed

30 July 2021
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Traffic emergencies are inevitable. Whether it is for a road accident or car troubles, having a towing service on speed dial can prove to be worth your while. Here is what you need to do before you leave your vehicle.

Alert the Police and Insurance Agent

Calling the police to inform them of your dilemma and subsequent action saves you further frustration. Alerting the police saves you from retrieving your impounded car from the local station, especially if it is abandoned on the roadside for several hours or days. 

Indeed, with the police in the know, cases of vandalism or theft are avoided. However, should either of these crimes happen, the police would have themselves to blame since you alerted them in advance of your intention to be towed in absentia. 

After alerting the police, let your insurance company know you have left your car to be towed. Let your insurance agent have the contact information for the towing company. Your agent will follow up with the towing company to capture details of when your car was towed. 

Even after trying a double knot for safety by calling the police and alerting your insurance agent, you should secure all valuables. Remove valuables such as cameras, money, phones, electronics, and jewelry that are in your car before you leave.

Call the Towing Company

Before you contact the towing professional, make sure your vehicle is visible to the tow truck services and other motorists. The visibility of your car is achieved by leaving the hood open and the headlights on. Indeed, leaving the car's hazard lights on will also notify motorists that your car is immobile. Flags and cones also help with visibility to avoid incidents and accidents on the road.

After you have done the basics in preparation to leave your car, call your tow truck professional. Let the towing service provider know that you will not be with your car when they get there. Equally, insist that they call you when they get to your car so that you can make arrangements for where the car will be taken to.

In Conclusion

It is worth noting that towing services are not just limited to moving your vehicle to another location. Indeed, you may require a battery change or replacement of a tire. Emergency repairs, jump-starting vehicles on the highway, and fuel delivery are other services that tow truck companies deliver.