What To Look For When Hiring An Auto Towing Service

26 December 2019
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A vehicle breakdown occurrence can ruin your entire day. If you haven't roughly sketched out an emergency scenario, the situation can catch you completely off-guard. Once you're caught up in the emotions of the moment, you might not be thinking clearly enough to know how to act. That's why it's always helpful to plan for the worst while still hoping for the best. Finding an auto towing service is smart because if you plug their contact information into your mobile phone, you'll have it on hand at a critical moment. The following list contains two key factors to look for when you want to hire a good automobile towing service.

Towing Method Matters

If you've ever heard some rather entertaining tales from people who've experienced car damage after having their vehicle towed, it probably made you aware of how important it is to have your car towed using the proper technique. Towing companies tend to use different methods when working with vehicles, and if you want to minimize your chances of dealing with car damage, you may want to choose an agency that employs the flatbed hauling technique.

Flatbed hauling is essentially a method where your vehicle is hoisted up onto the bed of a truck and is transported with all four tires secured to the vessel. The alternative would be the crane method, where the car is lifted up in the front and dragged along using a crane-like towing device. This technique can be problematic because the hook is attached to the car via the drivetrain. If the towing contractor isn't careful, they can severely damage the drivetrain and throw the car's alignment out of balance. Also, the rear bumper could come into contact with the ground, and this can absolutely ruin the paint.

Look For A Towing Service That Works With Insurance Companies

A towing emergency can happen at any time. When it does, what will happen if you don't have any spare cash? How will you get the towing assistance you need if your wallet is empty?

There are towing services out there that will help clients without charging anything up front. These companies work directly with insurers so they can recoup their fees from your car insurance company.

Doing a little research right now can really prove beneficial if you're ever in a bind. Find a reputable towing service and keep their phone number well within reach at all times.