3 Reasons To Have Your Motorcycle Towed By A Professional Towing Service Rather Than Using A Tow Bar On Your Personal Vehicle

4 September 2019
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For motorcycle owners, tow bars are very convenient devices. They allow you to tow a motorcycle behind any type of car—you don't need a truck. You simply attach the tow bar to the rear of your vehicle, load the front wheel of your motorcycle into the tow bar and then rig it with straps.

However, are they really the best way to tow a motorcycle? Unfortunately, using a tow bar is often not the best choice—this is especially true when you're towing your motorcycle over a long distance. Read on for three reasons to have your motorcycle towed by a professional towing service instead of using a tow bar.

1. Keeps Your Bike Secure and Upright at All Times

The main issue with towing a motorcycle behind your car using a tow bar is cornering. You're not riding your motorcycle—only towing it—so you're not able to lean in to turns. Taking a corner too quickly in your car while you're towing your motorcycle can cause it to begin to tip over—only the back wheel of the motorcycle is in contact with the ground, and it may not be able to keep up with the wheels of your car.

If your motorcycle isn't securely rigged to the tow bar, it can tip over to the point where the body is in contact with the ground. If this happens while you're driving and you don't notice it, you may end up dragging your motorcycle along the ground for a short distance. This can cause considerable cosmetic damage to your bike.

When you call a towing service to have your motorcycle towed, they will most often use a flat-bed truck to tow your bike. Your motorcycle will be securely strapped down to the truck bed and its wheels will be prevented from moving using chocks. This keeps your motorcycle perfectly upright at all times—there's no risk of it falling over.

2. Reduces the Risk of Damage to the Suspension and Back Wheel

When you're using a tow bar, the front wheel of your motorcycle is secured to the tow bar and the back wheel is in contact with the road. This is a fairly unnatural position for your motorcycle to be in. Depending on the tow bar and what make and model of motorcycle you have, there's a chance that most of the weight of the motorcycle will be placed squarely on its back wheel.

Unfortunately, motorcycles aren't designed to have their weight distributed in this way. It can damage your motorcycle's suspension system and place significant wear on the back wheel, especially if you're towing your motorcycle for a long distance. With a towing service, both wheels are kept on the bed and the weight is distributed normally, which avoids the risk of your bike incurring damage during the tow.

3. Avoids Road Hazards

Finally, lifting a motorcycle onto a flat-bed truck will keep it safe from any hazards on the road such as potholes. Potholes, alligator cracks and roads that are made of brick or gravel can all result in a bumpy ride while you're towing your motorcycle. Bumpy road conditions may cause the rigging to come loose from your motorcycle—that's why it's recommended to check the rigging every 20 to 30 minutes while you're towing your motorcycle using a tow bar. If the rigging comes free while you're driving on a bumpy road, your motorcycle will detach from the tow bar and end up skidding down the road.  

Overall, calling a professional towing service to tow your motorcycle ensures that it will be kept in good condition. Whether you need to take your bike to the local mechanic or transport it to a buyer, have it towed by a professional in order to minimize the risk of damage.