Broke Down With A Trailer? What To Do

26 February 2019
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When you break down, you want to do everything you can to make your vehicle safe and keep other drivers safe as well. When you break down with a trailer, you have the added worry of excess cargo becoming damaged or being difficult to remove from the road. Here are a few things you should do when you break down on the road with a trailer in tow:

Get off the road as far as you can

Get as far off the main road as you can, pulling as far into the embankment as possible without getting stuck. As you pull off the road, try not to turn too sharply, or you risk jack-knifing and getting stuck with your trailer jutted out into the roadway. Pull off the road as if you are trying to parallel park, and get your trailer as far off the road as possible.

Make your position noticeable

Turn your headlights and hazards on. Make sure the taillights on the trailer are operating and place a bright-colored piece of clothing or even a flashlight -- turned on -- on the back of your trailer to make your longer load more visible to other drivers. Call the police and let them know where you are located, and that you are broken down and calling for a tow truck to assist you; the police officer who arrives on-site will help put flares around your vehicle and guide traffic to make your situation safer for everyone.

Call a tow truck

You need a professional to help pull you out of your situation. Whether you are stuck or have engine issues, a heavy-duty towing service is what you need to get you out of your predicament and back on the road. You can call your auto insurance company and have them refer you to a towing company. You will receive contact information for your towing service as well as an estimated time of arrival. You will also get a description of the towing vehicle so you'll know when they arrive.

Stay with your vehicle and trailer unless it's unsafe to do so. When your tow truck arrives, you'll be able to ride with the driver. If you have other passengers or pets with you, let the towing service know so you can arrange for more transportation. Have your insurance card ready to show your tow truck driver, and if the estimated arrival time passes you can give the towing company a call to make sure the driver is still en-route and has been given your correct location.