Plan Your Trip With Mobile Emergency Support In Mind

30 December 2015
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Getting lost isn't as dire a situation as it has been in past decades. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets can make it easier to not only get in contact with emergency services, but to look up nearby lodging, find your way to a better location if you're lost or get better information about your surroundings. Take a look at a few ways to take advantage of your technology's life-saving potential and even a few ways to stay safe when technology is no longer an option.

Keep Your Mobile Devices Ready For Emergencies

Smartphones are certainly used for a lot more than just emergencies. While driving on the road, you or your companions may not expect a roadside emergency. Even if one were to happen, you could simply look up local towing services, get a mechanic on the line and contact the people back home. Unfortunately, batteries fade quickly while you or your passengers are looking up songs or staying entertained with mobile devices.

A backup set of batteries is a good first step, but even that plan can fail unexpectedly. Make sure to test any extra batteries when you order them, and test them from max capacity to empty before your trip.

Be sure to keep batteries out of direct sunlight, as sun exposure can give enough heat to cause the batteries to explode. Put the batteries in a closed, dark container to defend against most of the heat exposure problems. It may be worth your time to bring a battery charger, as it'll be faster than using your phone to charge each battery. Not all roadside emergencies result in complete car power loss, so it's a good, small-sized backup plan.

Emergency Towing Services And Blackout Areas

The best part of mobile devices is that you don't always need to know exactly where you are. Simply use the Internet and ask a search engine about your location. "Where am I?" will deliver map and location results, which you can use to find local services.

Unfortunately, there are times where Internet service--or any phone services--aren't available. Before leaving on your trip, be sure to look up the cell service availability across the entire length of your trip. On the odd chance that your vehicle breaks down in the outage area, you'll at least know where to go to get back into reception area. Make sure to bring an extra battery or two.

Once you reach a reception area, be sure to let the towing service know about your situation. Downloading a Global Positioning System (GPS) map to give your exact location along with with your vehicle's road can keep things safe and efficient for you and the towing service. Contact a towing service like AA Action Towing Inc to discuss national towing support and other ways to stay safe on your road trips.