How to Keep Your Car Safe when Hiring a Towing Company

13 April 2015
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There are many reasons why you might be looking to hire a towing company to transport your car. You could be moving, or you might need to take your car to the shop after a car accident or a vehicle malfunction, for example. Regardless of the reason, you probably want to ensure that your car is in the best possible condition when you get it back. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to help protect your vehicle when trusting it with a towing company. If you follow these tips, you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

Hire the Right Towing Company

First and foremost, hire a towing company that you know you can trust to cut down on problems. Ask around to find out about the best towing company in your area, or do your research with online reviews. Also, make sure that you choose a towing company that is properly insured; then, the company will have to pay for the damage if something happens to your car while it is being transported.

Take Down an Inventory

It's never a bad idea to jot down the things that are in your vehicle when it is picked up, such as any fancy stereo equipment. You can even snap a couple of pictures of your vehicle with your camera or smartphone before it is picked up. Then, you will have proof and documentation of what was in your car and what your car looked like when it was picked up, so you can hold the towing company responsible if it isn't in the same condition or is missing items when you retrieve it.

Remove Your Valuables

Although you shouldn't have anything to worry about if you hire a reliable and trustworthy towing company with a good reputation, you are sure to feel more comfortable if you take your valuables out of your car before it is towed. Take out anything that can be easily removed, such as faceplate covers for stereos, GPS navigation systems and MP3 players. Then, you won't have to worry about anything happening to these items while the car is out of your possession.

Keeping your car safe when it is with a towing company is probably very important to you. Luckily, working with the right company, one like Frank's Towing, taking down an inventory, and removing your valuables can all help you enjoy peace of mind while your car is with the towing company.