Compelling Reasons to Call a Tow Service for a Vehicle Jump Start

19 February 2021
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A dead car battery can be a major inconvenience. This inconvenience can be exacerbated, however, when you have no idea of how to get the battery to turn over and come back to life. 

Rather than ask a friend or relative for a jump, you can call a wrecker service for assistance. A professional tow company can offer you a prompt vehicle jump start to get your car back on the road.

Powerful Jump Kits

Tow truck drivers carry kits with them that are powerful enough to start batteries in almost any kind of vehicle. Even if you drive a four-wheel dual-drive pickup with a turbo diesel engine, you can call a tow service and know that the driver can provide you with a vehicle jump start.

The jump start kits that tow truckers carry with them have ample power to jump even the largest of batteries. The power in the kits can also provide enough energy to batteries that are entirely dead and have no juice left in them. You can get your battery jumped so you can drive your car to the mechanic to get a new battery put in it.

Cold Weather Jumps

The tow service that you call can also provide a vehicle jump start in the coldest of weather. Vehicles, particularly those that run on diesel, often do not want to start in cold winter weather. Their batteries fail to catch and turn over because of how cold it is outside.

Instead of draining your battery by repeatedly trying to start it, you can call a tow driver for a vehicle jump start. The driver can jump your battery and get it to turn over. You can warm up your car and make sure there is enough power in your engine to drive.

Finally, your vehicle jump start may be included as part of your roadside assistance that you get with your car insurance. Most full coverage policies include roadside assistance with vehicle jump start options. You can get your car jumped for free and avoid having to pay the tow truck driver yourself for his or her help.

A towing service can provide a vehicle jump start when your car will not start and turn over. This service can benefit you when your battery is totally drained or will not start in cold weather. Your full coverage insurance policy may also pay for it.